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Your daddy loves you Nicole and Joseph always and misses you every second your gone

Nicole & Joseph I know I say this alot but I can't help it I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH, Never ever forget that I am always here if you need me, daddy.

Live life for the Experiences not the Possessions

My heart is broken but nothing will make me believe you really never want to see daddy, granny or pa

Every day pa tells me he knows you loves us and he misses you so much he is afraid he will never see you again and Joseph and Nicole you mean everything to pa.

Joseph Zachary Ernst and Nicole Anastacia Ernst
Joseph and Nicole may be using the last name Sopova or Vasilievich

This site is entirely devoted to the most wonderful, kind handsome and beautiful children in the world.

I know things have changed my son and daughter, but nothing can take away the love I will always hold in my heart for you.