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These are some Pine Nuts that Daddy bought this year like we used to. I still buy them from a lady who introduced me to The Ringing Cedars. She told me how it was a back to culture set of books that my wife (then Natasha) would like. That was Daddy's first big mistake. I immediately printed 7 of the books in Russia for your Momma. I only wanted to please her, but it was the beginning of the end of us. Everything changed immediately and I saw it affect our relationship. But I still loved your mother and tried to make it all work. Only when I knew mamma wanted to take you both away and never want to let us see you again did I file for a divorce. I was hoping that momma would do what the law here told her to do. But she didn't. She left and has changed your lives. Why I don't know. I am your father and love you just as much as your momma. You Joseph and Nicole mean everything in the world to me and I love and miss you both so much. I hope someday you will call me or come see me, pa and granny. You are always on my mind. I remember when you both loved daddy and said you did not want to go live with your momma all the time. I understand when you are taught one thing that you will believe it. But also don't forget your lives before you were taken away.

I took these pictures in the Living Room